Autumn of the World

by The Resonant Rogues

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Maker's Song 03:29
Oh how I love it in the morning when an idea pulls me from my bed Can’t wait to get to work creating all the things that are swirling in my head Fabric and flour, wood and paper are a few of the things I like to join Into a thing of use and beauty, I take pleasure in all these types of toil Chorus: I am a maker, a builder, a baker, although Sometimes my messes are all that you’ll find I’ll tell a story, both true and allegory Oh the process is precious, though it takes up all my time Oh how I love it in the daytime when I can make time to sit and sing a song Words flow like water in the river, got to catch what I can before it’s gone Good thing I have my trusty notebook, and good thing I have my dear old pen To trace the shape of things I’m seeing, got to write it all down there and then Chorus Oh how I love it in the evening when something beautiful comes into my mind Can’t even wait until the morning to pick up my pencil, make some lines If I just listen to the whisper of the faintest of tunes in my head If I allow myself the paper then out it’ll tumble in my bed Chorus
Tramp 02:46
You’ve paved the roads inside your mind, now you’re dreaming big You’ve worked so hard to feel free But all the reasons that were pushing you to stay on track They’re calling in their forces and they’re turning back You’re a tramp, what’s wrong with that Chorus: The times you’ve had came and went But they’re yours to keep Though sometimes a load to carry They remind you where you come from You’re waiting for another place to call your home You’re waiting for someone to call your name But you’re not really ready to let your guard down just yet There’s a whole lotta places that you ain’t seen yet You’re a tramp, what’s wrong with that Chorus
Big Ivy 03:02
Listen to the sound of the stream, have you seen how they smooth all of the stones that lie underneath Maybe if I wade through this water patiently, it will smooth all of the sharpness residing in me Chorus- Going to be alone, going to face the unknown Taking the space I know’s going to make me grow Can you smell the leaves where they lie on the ground, they are rotting for to feed all these trees all around Maybe if I walk through these woods patiently I will lose all of the things that I no longer need Chorus Can you hear the crickets, they call quietly They are singing for each other, not you, not for me Maybe if I make it through this night patiently, I will find a song that’s waiting there just for me Chorus
Got a message from a friend who I would never see again Said she loved me, hoped I’m doing well I was busy, dropped the ball, the next day I got the call Where my friend had gone it’s hard to tell, oh where my friend had gone it’s hard to tell Well what am I to do when my friends decide to use We’re all grown, I’m only one man’s mom But it tears the world apart as it sedates your precious heart And every day could be the one you’re gone, oh every day could be the one you’re gone Chorus: So here’s a song for the sad ones Those of us who cannot stay away From the edges of existence Who’s flame it burns too bright for it to stay, who’s flame it burns too bright for it to stay How can I do my best, with this whale upon my chest We’re both drowning in the ocean of my tears And I expect of you what I have never hoped to do, Solve those problems that are products of my fears, those problems that are products of my fears Chorus It’s the Autumn of the world, and I am just a frightened girl We’re all here, but who knows for how long And like the leaves we fall, oh like the trees we lose it all And everyday could be the one we’re gone, oh everyday could be the one we’re gone Chorus
I’ve been bumming around this old haunt And I ain’t got no reason to stay It’s a long time coming, it’s a long time going And it’s mostly going that calls me now Thank god for Mama, thank god for Papi But thank me for knowing what I gotta do Chorus Come around, go around won’t you go It’s been a long time watching those wheels roll Come around, go around watch me go Ain’t no one here to watch those wheels take their toll It’s not too late, it’s not too late To turn back the time and regenerate There’s a whole lotta things in this world to do But we fit like a glove under wealthy men’s shoes Chorus x2
People try and tell me where to go and what to do But I never lacked direction, just a partner with nothing to lose There’s a space inside me that craves to be lonely But all I want to do, is to be around my darlin’ Outside hopes and dreams there’s a little open glass That worries not it’s future nor it’s little past And who knows what it’s teaching And why don’t I ever listen All I want to do, is be around my darlin’ And on and on we go... And on and on... We work it all out I don’t need a reason to take this van and go It’s just me and my babe with our songs in tow And whose fault is our drifting Spend our time only listening To the wind sing and our voices blowing And on and on we go... And on and on... We work it all out
By the banks of the river grows the mightiest of trees And the endless rushing water grows the most and brightest leaves You can’t hold the strength of water, it will cut the ground beneath You may think you can contain it, soon it’s bursting at the seams Chorus- Let it break, let it crack, let the weight roll off your tired back Let it roll, let it rain, let the water wash your tired frame When the clouds, they shade the mountains, heavy with the life they bring Oh rejoice, drink from the fountain, nature’s toast to coming spring Chorus There’s a bridge across the river where the tallest tree did stand All those drops, they joined together for to change this very land
Alas, another day looking far and wide For the greener grass crossing this countryside Albeit, it is a mixture of feeling free and feeling numb The years are like days when you’re following the sun Think I found a reason, found some good advice Start a new routine before the passion dies You’re just holding on to nothing with your feet in the mud You’ll build a new coffin before the digging is done Chorus x2 Sunlight fills the morning, like the shadows fill the evening So follow your dreams, see what tomorrow might gleam A winter memory was patching holes Mending wounds and all the tired bones Clouds became my vision and the moon showed my silhouette And I’ve dropped my hands in a black bird’s nest Chorus x2
Well it’s half past four and I’m fast asleep, when into my dreams my demon creeps He fills my head with an awful din, and it keeps me up, how rude of him Chorus- A thousand thoughts come rushing in I cannot stem the tide of them A flood of fear, it fills my frame And I’m dueling with the demons in my brain again, oh I’m dueling with the demons in my brain again Well it’s half past five and I’m wide awake, I tried all of my methods but they didn’t take That demon’s still a runnin all around my head, and it’s keeping me up how rude of him Chorus Well it’s half past six and I’m almost there, but the dawn is peeking through those curtains there I finally was able to just let him be, but now the sun is the thing that is waking me
Zeus Faber 03:45
Wrote another song about how bad we’ve always been, and how the struggle to be good feels like a fight we cannot win And there’s a siren singin’ softly, in the corners, in the dark, If you allow yourself to listen she will take you much too far Chorus- And there’s a point of no return. There’s a load we cannot bear And you can only pull so hard, before the fabric tears And we all have a lot to learn and we all know that life it ain’t fair And sometimes it takes a bard to show us just what is there Singing all these stories oh in basements and in bars Putting words and melodies to life’s most cutting shards Our wounds just lying bleeding there for everyone to see, It’s the struggle to be good and it’s the struggle to be free Chorus The countryside it flashes like our lives before our eyes The river keeps on rolling ‘neath the neverending skies And we just keep on moving, always chasing feeling free Always running, trying to escape our misery Chorus
While sitting with an old, old pal, I heard this tale of woe A tale too often true, I’m told, the house that condos stole. It was in the skirts, but still in town, a place so clearly dear My friend, she fell in love with it, but missed it by a hair Chorus- And in they’ll come, with cranes, it’s done, they’ll doze it to the floor And those who already have enough will keep on making more Step into that yard and start to dream of panning gold The wild west in miniature, all built by hand, you know It wa made of scraps and railroad ties into a magical town A bird is singing from it’s nest, oh please don’t tear it down Chorus My friend was signing on the line, when in the money came They paid in cash, plus thirty grand, my friend she cried in vain Chorus


Autumn of the World is the third album crafted by the Resonant Rogues at Echo Mountain Recording Studio, tucked into the mountains of Western North Carolina. Keith J. Smith’s dynamic guitar and Sparrow’s intricate and evocative accordion and banjo melodies lay the foundation, while the pair’s songwriting and vocal harmonies give each song substance. Kristen Harris’ fiddle brings an authentic mountain feel to the Country/Appalachian inspired tunes, while Daisy Castro’s violin suits the Jazz Manouche and Balkan influence on “Tramp” and “Zeus Faber”. Eric Heveron-Smith (Postmodern Jukebox) holds the groove with thoughtful bass lines, while also contributing beautiful tenor harmonies and trombone. On drums is Mattick Frick, longtime friend and musical collaborator of the Rogues. Guest Asheville musicians include John James Tourville (The Deslondes) on pedal steel, Ben Hovey (Pitbull) on trumpet, Melissa Hyman (The Moon and You) on cello and vocal harmonies, and Cynthia McDermott on vocal harmonies.

On “Maker’s Song”, Sparrow confesses and celebrates her manic creative tendencies, leaving a whirlwind of messes and “things of use and beauty”. Written on a freight train, Smith’s song “Watching Those Wheels Roll” points to the parallel between Great Depression era hobos and current traveling musicians, while also highlighting the problem of wealth inequality. “Dueling with the Demons” is a swingin’, tongue-in-cheek tune about insomnia, and how the voices in our heads pop up at 4 AM to tell us everything that’s wrong with ourselves and the world. The pulsing rhythms of “Zeus Faber” bring us on a musical adventure through the Balkans, while the old-timey waltz “The House That Condos Stole” is a true story of a wild west village nearly purchased by a dear friend, but ultimately demolished by a development company.

Autumn of the World tells a story both honest and hopeful, of what it means to be an artist, or a human, in a world that so often challenges our creativity and passion. With moments of deep joy and connection, woven with the sighing of struggle, this collection of songs brings us into the present moment with skill, beauty and a true dedication to musical form. Aptly named, Autumn of the World inspires listeners toward gratitude in uncertain times.


released May 31, 2019


all rights reserved



The Resonant Rogues Asheville, North Carolina

The Resonant Rogues are the songwriting soul child of partners Sparrow and Keith J. Smith. With influences ranging from gypsy swing to early New Orleans jazz, and from Appalachian old-time to eastern European folk music, they take their favorite flavors and blend them into a delicious, danceable dish. ... more

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